by Per Simon Edström

The Swedish author Per Simon Edström with „Most important“ has created a compilation rich of photographs, sketches, drawings, plans and figures that examines „theatre“ from various perspectives.

The humorous book in English language with 1453 pictures is made for everybody visiting theater performances, working at a theatre or building theatres.

It is about performance, theater forms and theaters and about how the art, the form and the building are all contingent on each other.

The idea of this book goes back to the Nordic Set Designing Conference in the year 1972. There the Nordic Committee was established to document the combined knowledge of theater experts with the aim to develop improvement proposals for the optimization of theater work. The focus was directed especially at theater room functions.

At the same time the book is an extract of the most important aspects of Edströms former publications, especially „Room and Performance“ (1973-1976) and „Why not theaters made for people?“ (1988-1990).

Arena Theatre Institute Foundation 2010,

in English language,

330 Seiten, soft cover, DIN A4.

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